Cervical Plexus

Overview of the Cervical Plexus

Cervical Plexus

Cervical Plexus

Cervical plexus is the junction of tiny network of nerve fibers that transport sensory information to head, shoulder and neck. This continues till the pharynx and encloses within the neck. It even extends up to the pharynx. No doubt, it is an important part for the PNS or the peripheral nervous system, that’s a part of the CNS or Central Nervous System located outside the brain and spinal cord.

A superficial plexus nerve gives sensory information to the ear, neck and clavicle. Apart from these, all the nerves also arise from the lateral periphery, interestingly; you don’t have access to view the node. So, to find out this nerve, researchers take the help of interscalene groove. There are three main branches of the cervical plexus nerve. These include the cutaneous branches that are located at the center of sternocleidomastoid and placed in superficial fascia in the neck. The next branch is the muscular branch that travel deeply within plexus as well as provide sternocleidomastoid, trapezius as well as suboccipital muscles. The last branch includes the communicating branches that are provided to the plexus by the SNS or sympathetic nervous system.

Plexus Block

This plexus block is really effective and produces anesthesia over the shoulders, neck and pectoral region. While injecting the solution it must be noted that intravascular injection isn’t used. These injections tend to block the nerve resulting is serious issues like Horner’s syndrome.

Now, this cervical plexus nerve is prone to injuries caused by sports, accidents and hard labor. During such injuries, the nerves get overstretches or compressed and this leads to unbearable pain. Apart from this, injuries also lead to numbness along the neck and shoulder areas along with weakness. The wounds are also very difficult to manage and can only be treated with traction. This nerve is also vulnerable to motorcycle injuries and treatment might be a little difficult. Alongside tractions some of the other therapies used in plexus injury include stretches, flexion and isometric exercises.

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Fat Burning Foods

Foods To Help Weight Loss

Gretna La Farmers Market

Gretna LA Farmers Market

Fast food, processed and packaged foods have become our go-to solution for most meals nowadays. With the constant influx of new fast food chains and the convenience that comes with buying ready to eat meals, one fails to pay heed to the dire repercussions they bring. Obesity has now become an epidemic in most developing countries and because of the intake of these foods; people are increasingly craving high-calorie foods or ‘convenient meals’ and are becoming ‘conditioned over-eaters’. Buying food from your local farmers market is a great way to get healthy natural food and help out the local economy. Some of the best foods I have ever eaten have come from a farmers market.

Keep The Waist Line In Check

So what does one eat and drink to keep that waist line in check? Going mostly natural means going healthy! We are starting with a drink called Plexus Slim which will help with hunger pangs and binge eating. Below we have listed some foods which are not only healthy, but will also help you shed those extra pounds. Combining these foods with the Plexus drink make for a winning combination.

Healthy Foods

Natural Fat Burning Foods

Natural Foods

The first are beans. They come cheap, are very filling and are a great source of protein. They pack in a lot of fiber and also digest slowly. Thus, they make you feel full for longer periods of time preventing you from resorting to binge eating.

Then we have soups. If you start your meal with a cup of soup, you will end up eating less. But remember, the soup has to be broth based, and not containing too much cream or butter. It should have about 100 to 150 calories per serving.

The next one would startle you, but in a good way. It is dark chocolate. If you want your fill of chocolate between meals, go for dark chocolate rather than milk one. It will help you consume less of a fattening meal than you would with milk chocolate.

Gretna Farmers Market in Gretna, LA

Natural Honey From Gretna Farmers Market

Pureed vegetables come next. They will enable you to add ‘cheat foods’ to your diet and reduce the calories you are eating. They add low-cal bulk to your dish and also make it taste better. Then we have nuts. They not only make great snacks but are also great appetite suppressants.

Add the above to your diet and see the difference! Within a matter of weeks you should start to see some changes. Doing mostly all natural will put you on your way to a successful weight loss plan.