Back Pain And Weight Loss

Those Extra Pounds Could Harm Your Back

Weight Loss And Back Pain

Weight Loss And Back Pain

When you are twenty or thirty pounds overweight, this might seem to be a problem you can handle later. Someday you will lose the weight. When you have more time, or when your schedule is less hectic, and you aren’t as tired as you will start working out or exercising. The problem with this long term plan is those pounds will continue to mount up, and your back is carrying this extra burden. Long before you find the time to resolve the weight loss issue, you might discover your back is already damaged.

The Lumbar Spine and Weight Gain

Adults and teens who take on weight or become obese increase the risk of lumbar spine disc degeneration. These types of issues can permanently affect someone’s mobility, their ability to work, and can also result in lower self-esteem. This can start a cycle of lost work, substantial financial costs of medical treatments, and yet more weight gain.

Pressure and Strain On The Lower Back

The little known problem associated with weight is pressure on the spine. The extra pound you carry will put more pressure on the muscles, tendons, and eventually the discs of the spine are compromised. It also becomes more difficult to protect the back when lifting increase the risk of serious long term damage.

The Greater the Weight the More the Pain

At just a few pounds overweight the back will feel the difference, but the more you weigh the worse the situation can become. When you are carrying around 155 to 185 pounds at 5’6 for example, you double the risk of damage compared to those who aren’t overweight. Losing just 4 pounds can help with back pain or strain.

Supporting the Back While Exercising

Rather than putting exercise and weight loss on hold, starting out with a new view of exercise is more practical than waiting. Naturally, the little extra weight can make working out a hassle. Look for low aerobic workouts, trend mills, stair climbers or just plain walking. When working out take care to support the back, and weight appropriate footwear that will keep the back from injury.

A Few Pounds will make a Difference

The biggest difference in the back starts with the care of the body. Eating the right nutrients while on a diet will keep the bones strong, and help the ligaments, tendons, and muscles continue to do their job. A few pounds will help strengthen your back and remove the load the extra pounds creates.

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