Health Tips for College Students

Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

College HealthMost college students neglect the urge to maintain a proper personal health and wellness. This is probably because they are faced with the need to balance between papers, exams and an active social life. Then, illness jumps in their way and holds them in their tracks. Most colleges today offer healthcare as well as limitless physical activity facilities and resources for their students making it easier for them to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. This article offers you some tips to help college students exploit these resources throughout their course.


Regardless of whether you are a freshman or not, you need to watch over and control your diet. Here are three top tips to help you keep your diet beneficial and healthy.

  1. 1.       Learn your proper portion size.

This controls how much you eat so that you don’t end of giving your body too much than it requires. Even the healthiest foods, when taken in lump sums, can have some health ramifications.

  1. 2.       Vary your meals.

A cafeteria can keep you returning every day if it sells your favorite foods. Changing your diet is a requirement for good nutrition at this point. Therefore, take advantage of the endless selections at your disposal.

  1. 3.       Eat breakfast.

Begin your day with a great meal after waking up. Whether you wake up at dawn or attend class at noon, just make sure you do not skip this balanced and healthy 1st meal of the day. Starting your mornings with protein will keep you full longer and curb those food cravings. If your on the run grab a protein drink or anything with high protein like beef or turkey jerky can provide. Food bars is another example of foods you can eat while on your way to class.


One of the hardest things can be trying to fit oneself into a busy schedule. Taking stock of some of these tips will get you freed back on your health and wellness track.

  1. 4.       Stretch first.

Always stretch every time you work out. Simple stretches after a physical activity help keep you pain-free and active.

  1. 5.       Ride your bike.

Instead of driving to class or taking a bus, ride your bike there. This in itself is a great way to work out.

  1. 6.       Play any sport.

Another way to get motivated is by playing your favorite game or sport. Play recreational sports or join an intramural team in your school so that you remain active and still have fun.

Sexual Health

College life is known to be the point at which most people choose to explore their sexuality. In order to stay safe, follow these sexual health and wellness tips:

  1. 7.       Get tested.

This is the best way to protect your sexual health. Get tested for STDs time and again or maybe annually. Most colleges have these centers and most of them offer free services so that student income should not be a hindrance.

  1. 8.       Always use protection.

If you are in anything but a monogamous relationship, make sure you use protection so as to avoid contracting a disease. Also, if you are in any relationship make sure your partner is confirmed STD-free as well as healthy sexually.

  1. 9.       Discuss issues with your partner.

Sex is not meant to be scary or painful. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable or nervous, make sure you discuss it with your spouse or any qualified health care provider for assistance so that you get physically and emotionally comfortable at it.

Mental Health

One last challenge that most college students face revolves around mental health and wellness. They are prone to stress and depression resulting from examinations, broken relationships and general health imbalances. So, make sure you stay sane with these simple tips:

  1. 10.   Seek help where necessary.

Most students are either ashamed or embarrassed to seek help especially when it very personal. Most of these challenges have remedies. So, it’s time to unhide them for help. You do not have to deal with your problem all by yourself when there is at least your friend around.

  1. 11.   Always contact your family and friends.

This is one sure way of beating loneliness and homesickness by keeping in touch with loved ones.

  1. 12.   Build new friendships.

The larger part of your campus life is ideally about building new friendships. As far as your health and wellness is concerned, get out there and form new friendships but do it carefully so that you don’t get banged. Oh yes, wrong friends can get you in trouble!

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